We’ve all been in the position where we find ourselves in a conversation (at work, church or at home), thinking “He keeps saying that. I wonder why.”

The answer may lie within this list.

11 Possible Messages Given By The Person Who Repeats Him/Herself

1. I want to sound like I have content, but have nothing else to add.
2. I’m proud of this truth.
3. This is the most important point I have.
4. I don’t think I’m getting through.
5. I just like saying these words.
6. This truth is the only evidence I have to what I’m trying to say.
7. I’ve honestly forgotten that I’ve already mentioned this to you four times.
8. There have been times when I thought you understood, but you didn’t. I’m trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
9. I’m hoping this time it will sound like I’m saying it a different way.
10. I don’t feel like being creative in this conversation right now.
11. I’m waiting for you to respond in a certain way, but you haven’t done it yet.

It may behoove you to figure out which of the eleven is the cause behind the repetition.

Have I missed any?