This really is a very good book. Go read it to your kids again.

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From “Little House On The Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder

We can’t get across the Mississippi after the ice breaks. *** Trees mean water *** All’s well that ends well. *** God that doesn’t forget the sparrows won’t leave a good dog like Jack out in the cold. *** You must mind your manners, even if we are a hundred miles from anywhere. *** A sprain’s soon mended. *** You can’t fight fifty wolves with one gun. *** Little Pitchers have big ears. *** A man doesn’t need nails to build a house or make a door. *** Good weather never lasts forever on this earth. *** Don’t play with snakes. *** What are neighbors for but to help each other out? *** It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good. *** Whatever a massacre was, it was something that grown-ups would not talk about when little girls were listening. *** It isn’t nice to contradict. *** Santa Claus travels with a pack-mule in the southwest. *** A miss is as good as a mile. *** The last thing we want to do is act like we’re afraid. *** There’s no great loss without some small gain. *** What’s a year amount to? We have all the time in the world. *** Hanging’s too good for horse thieves. *** Tenderfeet shouldn’t be allowed loose west of the Mississippi!