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One of my favorite Blogs is Stuff Christians Like. As I read it I continue to marvel at how Jon Acuff  is funny without being offensive and how he is able to display the Gospel and glorify God in new ways every day. Just sayin’.

Every Wednesday he puts out a serious post (he still manages to stick in quite a bit of humor in these, too) and some time ago I started to compile the last sentence or phrase from each of them. Here they are.

Update: Jon posted this list over at his blog.

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Stuff Christians Like : Serious Wednesdays : Last Lines

You are found.
God loves you.
Are you packing?
I can’t handle near.
God cares for the lonely
He knows the way we take.
I don’t want “at least” faith.
Yeah, but God is on our side.
God’s love is ridiculous to me.
“I cannot do it, but God will …”
Let’s retire the idea of failure.
Death to better, long live new.
We all get the comma of grace.
Look for a savior, not a solution.
Today, quit being lazy for the Lord.
Let’s stop giving God our last fruits.
The reason for the season is a rescue.
Today, God says, “I know, my son, I know.”
God doesn’t want your solution. He just wants you.
Give up the horses. The King is near. Love has arrived.
In God’s economy, the impossible is a gift, not a curse.
Let’s put the apples down. We’ve already got the orchard.
Because he loves us. In his arms. In the pigpen. He loves us.
I’ve got God, right now. I don’t need the idol of what’s next.
Jesus always plays with the kids no one else plays with on the playground.
God’s bigger than that thing you worried about or dreamt about. I promise.
God is doing a new thing. In me, in you, in us. The old has gone, the new has come!

He’s God. I’m me. When I remember that simple arrangement, life goes so much better.

The God who loved Judah and David and Paul, loves you. And that’s a very redeeming thought.

Sometimes the stranger you meet has a story to share, if, you’ll take the time to ask a question.

Your identity is set. That debate is over. Today, don’t be a shy work of art. Be a loud work of art.

You’ve been with Jesus – A savior who loves doing extraordinary things with ordinary people like us.

Rescue is a one way trip. There will be no going back. For you, for me, for all the imperfect people.

More banners. Less guns. More grace. Less works. More boasting. Less hiding. Want to come with me?

You and I can rest in the truth of that and be bold in the risks we take and the hope we have. Because our identity is not at stake.

What does He call us? What phrase or words does he give us instead of “Real Christian?” Son. Daughter. And it turns out, those two words are enough.

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