I’m always nervous that if I don’t have some kind of system to keep track of what I’ve worn, I’ll end up wearing my favorite shirt eight times a month (something that Debbie tells me wouldn’t actually be a sin – but I’m thinking – wouldn’t people start commenting: Hey, do you have a thing about that shirt?).

In any case, to prevent this sort of thing from happening, I keep a document in my dresser and every day I write down some quick code for what I’m wearing (for example – “bl str sh” might mean “Blue striped short sleeve shirt”) and then I look up earlier in the list to see when I last wore that shirt, make sure it’s more than two weeks ago and cross out that instance.

Want proof? I just finished this page and have started another.

I’ll just note that the top left portion includes items from last Christmas.

So I’m curious – what do you do to make sure the horrible over-wearing of your favorite shirt doesn’t occur?