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Last week I made a stand alone statement that I thought was going further than an earlier post, but I actually never posted the first post, so here it is:

A person who complains about free food has left the path of wisdom.

A man is a fool who doesn’t say something nice to the person who has given him free food.

Last summer I posted a compilation of quotes from the funny, helpful, God-glorifying blog, Stuff Christians Like. I now have enough compiled for another. This time I’ve included the link to the actual post, in case you’re interested to read them.

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Stuff Christians Like :: Serious Wednesdays :: Last Lines :: Part 2

You are not naked.
Stop drinking poison.
I want Him to be enough.
Jesus knew how to love people.
We will hear the father’s voice say, “You are mine.”
Kids are not afraid to draw Jesus with a great big smile.
The pressure of perfection is off. We’ve got a perfect God.
God’s got a plan more wondrous than you can even imagine.
Surrender is not the end of a beautiful life. It is the beginning.
He sees a son. He sees his child. And that changes everything.
I’m ready to stop looking through the telescope the wrong way.
Maybe it’s not just about renewing. Maybe it’s also about reaching.
Please don’t for a second believe that God wants you to be miserable.
In dark arenas God reminds us why you and I have got to keep singing.
The more I see the world, the harder it is for me to think God is vanilla.
Kids get grace. That’s why I think Christ wants us to have faith like a child.
What if God might be quiet because he’s too busy planning a party for you?

Our God always works toward a good greater than we can possibly imagine.

Our welcome home party won’t be nearly as fun or as interesting without you.
At the end of the day, the devil has one lie to dress up: God is not good. Don’t believe it.
When you hear that voice, think of the thief, think of Christ, and think of grace.
“Be still” isn’t a casual suggestion. It’s a command. And it’s one I want to obey.
I’m going to trade in my plan for a party, which I think is always a deal worth making.
At the end of the day, the devil has one lie to dress up: God is not good. Don’t believe it.
When I chase a purchase as the pathway to peace, I take my eyes off my true source of joy.
On my best days, when I’ve avoided every signature sin, I am in desperate need of God’s grace.
Maybe the answer to the question, “Should I wait on God or hustle as hard as I can?” is “Yes.”
On God’s calendar, there’s always the perfect amount of time for a second, third, or 500th chance
God is big enough for my anger, small enough for my whispers and strong enough for my worries
Today is the time to stop asking for clarity and instead start asking for courage to get started.
True change, heart change, life change, can only come from one place, your relationship with God.
At some point, I’ve got to be honest with myself. And God is making that harder to ignore lately.

Make fun of people from other countries who can’t speak English completely correctly? Why sure, I do that every time I run across a person who speaks English more poorly than I speak my second language.

Which is to say, Never.

Yes, this is the same spot as highlighted in this poem and this poem.

Nevers Dam: The Other Side

We wondered
As we walked down the boat ramp
On the Wisconsin side
And saw the sign that said, ‘Nevers Landing’:
Where was the platform
On the Minnesota side
that we had stood on so many times
looking at this spot
wondering what it was like over here
and why couldn’t we see it?

And we heard the voice of a lady
walking up behind us
with a seven year old boy
maybe six
She was counting
. . . 27,28,29,30. It’s only 30!
She said to her son
She was counting the slats on the ramp
I’m not sure if slats is the right word
Cement rows? Ramp steps?

And then she looked at us
I was pleased that she was so generous
And said,
‘Yesterday the water was only up to 36!’
So the water had risen that much only since last night!

We looked and saw that
Many of the bases of the trees were under water
And the river seemed to be flowing very fast.

Since she was so forthcoming with this information
We asked her if it was possible to see the platform on the other side
Oh yes!
And she pointed up the road and told us that
“only half a block”
I felt it slightly ironic that she was using city terms
in this natural area
away was a path you could walk out to a point and see it easily
she explained
You could walk straight there
but not with this flooding

So we thanked her and soon found ourselves on a
suspiciously straight
similar to that which we’d walked on several times on the other side
Was this one engineered, as well?
we’d never have had a clue that it was there
except for the advice
of a mom we had never met before.
and soon
there it was
we saw the platform
familiar and distant.
All the way across the non-Jordan river.

It was equally as impossible to get there
now that we were here
As it was to get here when we were there.

(as previously announced at my Dad blog)

I have a blog that I’ve been working on this spring, and I thought that June 1st would be a good day to let people know about it.

It’s called “Revisiting Minnesota State Parks” and in it I have been reviewing and ranking the state parks we’ve visited and we’ve visited many.

Minnesota has great state parks.

Go check it out!

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