I confess to having an affinity for the demotivational posters that came out several years back. But this one – does it strike a little fear in you?

What it depicts is not what I, or anyone, wants to happen.

But just like some supposedly motivational ideas can sometimes inadvertently cause a person to be depressed, could we turn this one around and make it inspirational? I think we can. Starting with a bad memory.

Do you have memories that make you cringe every time you think about them? And you think, why, why, why did I do that?

We can categorize those memories into three groups.

1. Those that should have taught you a lesson, but you’re still repeating the failure.
2. Those that taught you a lesson and you never did it again.
3. Those where the situation will probably never happen again and give you no opportunity to fail again.

Looking at those three types, I bet most of your embarrassing memories fall into 2 and 3.

And doesn’t that give you cause for joy?

Because if it’s a #3 memory, well, it’s no longer an issue, right? Confess it if you need to and then let it be.

But if it’s #2 memory, to paraphrase the poster, it could be that God’s purpose for that memory was to serve as a warning for you for the rest of your life. And you heeded it.

And that means God has done a work in your life.

That just leaves the #1 kind of memories. If you have those, pray that God will enable to you to make changes in your choices so they will fall into the type 2 kind of bad memory.

And then you can thank God that the memories that used to make you cringe now give you joy.

I’ll just leave you with another ‘Mistakes’ poster that made me laugh.