BadAdTo Facebook I say:

Has it come to this? You’ve lowered yourself to selling ads to consultants who teach people how to murder other people?
With golf clubs?

Really, I mean, Really?

To potential consumers of the product I say:

How competent a teacher can “Jim McLean” be if he hasn’t taught this would-be hit-woman the basics?

Like how about “By all means, don’t let your intended victim get within reach of your iron” for example?

Or “Try, when you’re beating someone to death, not to do it in what looks like a wide open field.”

Or “When swinging, keep your eyes on the target”. This lady looks like she’s staring at the ground.

In any case, were I his marketing adviser, this is not the photo I would have used.

I do give him props for having an innocuous sounding web page, though.


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