A few weeks back, Pastor Sam at our church posted the seven reason why one writer (Laurel Buckingham) loves attending a big church.

While I agree with all of them (as you might guess, since we attend a big church), my first thought was that small churches should get this same kind of list. So I wrote to him with the first ten reasons I could think of.

Last week, he posted them.

You can go read them, but here are a few of the reasons:

4. Small churches have more opportunity for musicians who aren’t at professional or near-professional levels.

This is true for other kinds of giftings.

5. People in small churches have more access to the head pastor.

6. It usually takes less than two years for pastoral transition.

… Or other decisions of this kind.

7. There is less potential for a person to be stagnant in a small church. There is more automatic accountability.

Let me just say as a disclaimer that we love attending Bethlehem and have no plans to leave.