Over in the “Dads And Anger” series of post at my Dad blog, I put up my thoughts about the meaning of the two “Be angry and do not sin” bible verses.

I explained that I don’t think it’s a call to Anger, but it’s a warning that the emotion of Anger often is a lead in to sin. It’s not necessarily sinful to be angry, but what it often tempts you to do is sinful.

So I was thinking that this phrasing could be used for other tricky emotional states, as well.

For example – the Bible could have included passages like these:

— Note that you would like to have a big house like the Smiths, and do not sin.

— Become aware of the pretty lady’s prettiness, and do not sin.

— Wish you could tell something other than the truth in this uncomfortable situation, and do not sin.

— Accept that you are interested in taking that CD without paying for it and do not sin.

— Feel the attraction of getting people to be impressed with you and do not sin.

— See the benefits that more money would afford you and do not sin.

— Think “Wow, I’d sure like to tell this person this unwholesome bit of knowledge about this other person” and do not sin.

Perhaps you can think of others. And please note the connection of the elements in this list – in all of the cases the initial emotion is not a sinful one, but it does come laden with pitfalls.

How good it would be for all of us to be immediately aware that we’re in a situation where sin is likely and immediately say – “I’m not going to give in – I’m going to handle this the way God wants me to.”