Okay, this is pretty close to bragging, but I wanted to write this down somewhere. I think it’s at least a little interesting.

Two days ago, over at my Dad blog, I published a new post that I’d been writing for awhile: Five Signs Your Child Is Not Saved. Yesterday, before 8:00, Challies linked to it.

He’s done this before. I think this is the seventeenth time he’s linked one of my posts, and those posts always did well. So I knew it was going to be a good day.

The record high hit count for a day on my Dad blog was 3,087. The blog hit count matched that before 9:15 AM.

The record highest one day hit count for any of my blogs was on this one a few years back – 4,224.

Yesterdays hit count matched that before 11:15 AM. It was going to be a bigger day.

And over 5,000 at 12:15.

At the end of the day, I had 9,567 hits. This is nothing compared to the big blogs, and obviously Challies must get a count significantly greater than this every day, but … I mean … Yikes.

So some comments:

1. 2203 (23%) of these hits came from Facebook. That means that some thought the post was good enough to link to on Facebook and that many people got to my blog this way. Nice.

2. People in 82 countries saw this post.

3. At times, I was getting 15 hits a minute. Even at the end of the day, I was getting 2.5 hits a minute.

4. Apparently, this post was counted as the 16th biggest blog post for the day over at WordPress.

5. More than a fifth of all of my Dad blog hits (all time, so far) came in one day yesterday.

6. I’m really glad that I got this many hits because of a blog post where the gospel was stressed so greatly. So much more meaningful that funny on-line add posts.