Another big round number.

I’ve been blogging since Jan 28, 2007. With the added posts from my other blogs, I have a total of 1537 posts – which means I’ve put up a post, on average, about one every 42 hours – or more often than once every other day.

If you’re interested in seeing my most popular posts, I recommend you go look at my Top 35 page – listing those which have had more than 1000 hits.

Now, I just saw that Challies (to whom I’m very grateful) just had a post get more than 750,000 hits, so I know that I shouldn’t consider any of mine viral.

Nevertheless, I did feel some joy this spring when my 5 Signs post (by far my biggest with 12,000+ hits) did so well, particularly since it dealt so heavily with the Gospel. To God be the glory.

Anyway, please stick around. I have more.