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As I understand it, the English language (as used in America today) has two meanings for the word “Fail”.

1. Being unable to meet a goal (even if you did real, extensive and competent work towards meeting the goal).

2. Being unable to meet a goal because you didn’t really try or because you tried in a poor manner.

Generally speaking, our culture doesn’t call you a “failure” unless you’ve failed in the second way.

If you’ve failed in the first way, you needn’t be ashamed.

In modern day America, it is often the case that when someone says, “Thank God!” they actually mean, “Finally, I’m getting what I deserve.” So instead of humble thankfulness, this phrase indicates bitter entitlement.

This is very close to using the Lord’s name in vain.


If you are talking to someone, take off your sunglasses. Your eyes are valuable to the conversation.

Update: Hey, can I ask a favor? For some reason, lots of people are coming to this post. I find this odd because it’s so inconsequential.

It looks like people are coming from Google. If you’re one of them, can you tell me what you searched on to get here? Or … how else did you get here?

Update 2: Okay, thanks to the commenter netsurfer912 (if that’s his real name!), I get it now. You all clicked on the fourth image having googled ‘sunglasses’. Let me invite you – if you have a moment, take a look around the blog. I think you’ll like it.

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