Ten Years ago today was another busy day. We’d only had Anna for one day and now she was having to get used to being with us.

We’d gone with the other adopting families to a doctor for a check up for all of the adoptive kids and my journal indicates that the doctor said two things: that she should eat and exercise better and that our only problem would be that “her chief danger would be Boys Fighting Over Her” (it sounded a bit canned).

So we did a little touring and then met the adopting families at the Pushkin Square Mcdonalds – the site of the first McDonalds in Russia (opened in 1990).

We decided that since she hadn’t been too fond of the burger we’d try something else. So we went up to the longest McDonald’s counter I’ve ever seen and tried to order.

Going back a little, on the first night of our first trip to Moscow a month earlier we’d walked into the Mcdonalds near our hotel. It was very crowded. As we were standing trying to figure out the menu, an employee with a notepad walked up and said something to us in Russian. I tentatively said, “English?” and without blinking, he said, “Ah. May I take your order?” I was extremely impressed.

So now that we were in the famous first Mcdonalds, I assumed that they’d certainly know English. MoscowMcDonalds But when I walked up to the counter and ordered MacNuggets, the employee behind the counter said something which I didn’t understand and then indicated that he didn’t, in fact, know English. We were standing there unsure of what to do, when the customer next to me said, “Six or nine?”

Oh, sure, that makes sense. “Nine.”

We were a bit relieved. Unfortunately Anna didn’t really like the McNuggets either. Ah well.