June eleventh was the day we took the first part of our flight home, but it didn’t leave until the afternoon, so we had some time to spend. So we walked to the nearby train station. It’s a major one. It was impressive.

And we walked around the Monument To European Countries. A few years later, in one of the first poems I posted on this blog, I described this setting (you can skip down to the bottom if you want to read about some of the emotions having to do with adoption).

So later that afternoon we flew to Amsterdam and had the unique experience of staying there overnight. It was a hotel in the airport (the room had no window) and we never went through customs, so according to border law, we were never actually in Amsterdam. It was for Anna, I can only assume, another weird and incomprehensible event in a whole series of weird and incomprehensible events that were happening to her in rapid succession. But she handled it fairly well.

We called home from the hotel room and my mom (who was taking care of our other kids) was very relieved that we were in Amsterdam. She’d just heard a story of another adopting family who, because of legal issues, got stuck in Russia for two extra weeks and she didn’t relish the thoughts of two more weeks of childcare, no matter how nice our kids were.

I must say, we were relieved to be on the way home, as well.

Here are some pictures of that day.