When we landed at the Twin Cities Airport (at 12:20), we were happy for two reasons: (1) The US Embassy had told us that she would be a US citizen the moment she was on American soil, (2) Eight hours is a long time for a three year old to be in a chair on a plane.


My dad came and picked us up and then there were many happy meetings. Many of the kids gave her hugs, and her grandma held her and I was pleased with how easily she fell into playing in the back yard with her new brothers and sisters.


We gave her a tour of her new house DSC01240and when she tried to climb up on the boys bunk bed, three year old Adelyn said, “No Anna, yo too liddo!”. We didn’t know yet that Anna would be our best climber. DSC01242b

Later that evening, she got to meet Uncle Tim and Aunt Jen (who brought ice cream!) and I think she sensed love in our home. DSC01247

After we got all of the kids to bed, I wrote this in my journal: Boy, oh boy, does it feel good to be home again and it was so nice to see our kids again … I am very pleased with how well Anna is handling this. She seems to be taking it in stride and calmly and without odd behavior. Good, good. So Anna, maybe now its time, and maybe when you wake, we’ll be there calling you “Baby”, Anna.

Did you get the reference in that last sentence?DSC01251


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