… or not simple.


Other Comments:

Other versions of Question One: Will it glorify God? If Jesus were here right now, would he give you the okay?

Other versions of Question Two: Will it be pain-free? Will it be easy? Will it not be horribly unpleasant?

When answering Question Two, you should consider what the results have been when you’ve done similar things in the past.
Answering Question One is often very difficult.
Answering Question Two is often more difficult than we’d like.
I think it likely that too often, people answer question one incorrectly.

You should not feel guilty if God makes your path easy.
You should not necessarily feel guilty if God makes your path hard.
The answer to Question One is more important. It is, in fact, the primary question to ask when determining your steps.

But the answer to Question Two can be clarifying, informative and in some cases, motivating.

If it’s God’s will for you, it will give you joy in the long term.