In my last two posts I introduced my reasons why I think luck might exist and then defended this concept with Biblical evidence.

Here are a few clarifying comments:

0. One primary reason for these posts is I’m hoping to see if there are any good arguments against what I’m saying. If someone could show from the Bible that chance does not exist, then I will change my mind and change these posts. I will also amend these posts if someone can show that parts of them are wrong.

1. I don’t know Greek or Hebrew, so if anyone wants to show me how I’m greatly misinterpreting the Bible passages because I’m not looking at original languages, I’d be very interested.

2. I have much more to say and I could have fleshed out my point to a much greater extent. But I’m trying (some might add ‘and failing’) to keep these posts somewhat succinct.

3. In preparation for writing these posts, I’ve read “Not a Chance” by R.C. Sproul and “Not by Chance” by Layton Talbert.

Sproul writes at length about how chance cannot exist as an acting causal entity. I fully agree with this. Indeed, I don’t know of any person who disagrees with this. He certainly didn’t quote anyone with this opinion.

He also states unequivocally that if chance exists then God can’t. But he doesn’t defend this statement using logic or the Bible – which is somewhat interesting given he writes quite a few paragraphs (just a few pages later) defending the idea that, logically speaking, a cat doesn’t have eight tails.

Talbert’s book is a great resource and defense of the sovereignty of God. It also denies the existence of chance and luck several time, but, again, nowhere does it give a reasoning for this denial.

4. Perhaps you’re thinking that ‘fortune’ is a reasonable replacement for Christians to use in day to day discussion. My response is two-fold: 1. What do you think is the difference between Chance and Fortune or Luck? I think they are nearly congruent. Look it up, it has “luck” in the definition. But 2. Unlike “luck”, “fortune” is a word that I’d be hesitant to use (having looked in a concordance), seeing how the Bible treats that word.

I’m thinking that at some point it might be wise for me to write a whole post about the word Fortune.

5. I’ve heard that some people, including at least one pastor, say that Luck is four letter word. Why the hate, I wonder?

6. I’ve heard people eschew the word “Potluck” and prefer “Pot-Blessing”. I’m in total agreement. When people gather and bring their best dishes that everyone can share, it’s not luck that the resulting food is enjoyable. I’ve never failed to be blessed at a Potluck.

7. Luck as a curse
Another definition of Luck is: The force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities:
With my luck I’ll probably get pneumonia.

I agree that a Bible-centered worldview (or logic) doesn’t allow this way of using the word Luck. If luck really is chance, it makes no sense to use it as a predictor.

8. In the Harry Potter books, most of the characters will not speak the name of the evil Lord Voldemort, sometime calling him “He Who Must Not Be Named”. He’s very real, and everyone knows it, but they fear to the word. I feel like there are some who treat the word Luck like this; it’s potentially real, but to use the word will do some intangible harm so they have to find more palatable, and less helpful and accurate, ways of referring to it.

9. If you hit five red lights in a row, it seems reasonable to say you’re unlucky and chance has gone against you. If you’ve hit five green lights in a row, it seems reasonable to say you’ve been lucky and chance has favored you. It’s not going to kill you (or harm God’s reputation) to admit this.

Update: I just added a post called The Two Kinds Of Luck.