Here’s the Statement: Every earthly good thing that you enjoy will fade away some day.

Here’s the Fleshing-Out-Of-The-Idea:

I’ve been thinking about the impermanence of earthly things that give me joy. Being a person who doesn’t like change, I’m not fond of this reality.

That Pastor you like will some day retire.
That child* who finds peace sitting in your lap will one day be too big for it.
That TV show you enjoy will one day stop.
The schedule that works out so perfectly will no longer work out.

Next truth: Clinging too hard to a joy-bringer that is going away actually reduces our joy.

So the reminder that joy-bringers are not permanent can help us see the wisdom of not putting too much of our hopes in them. So don’t!

But here is the good news.

1. God will provide you other blessing and joys when these fade away. Look forward to that.
2. We’re only talking about earthly good things here. The heavenly good things are eternal.

You know, things like God’s love. And for those who are saved, His Gospel. And Heaven itself.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Light with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. – From James 1

* My son once made this statement (I think he heard it somewhere) that is true about all children: One day you will put down that child and never pick her up again.

Wow, that’s harsh. But there is such a thing as grand-children.