As I was thinking about yesterday’s post, I was thinking about how different people respond to the loss of a good thing.

This I imagine is a topic where you can put people into two groups: Those who don’t like change and those who do.

The first kind wants the good thing to last forever. “I’m fine. Let’s just stay here.”

The second kind, those who embrace change (and here I’m guessing, because this really isn’t me) are people who stop liking a good thing before it’s taken away from them. They move to something they see as better, moving away from another good, because they’re not enjoying the good anymore. Or not enough to keep them there. Do I have that correct?

The returns have diminished so much, that it’s worth the risk of moving on in hopes that they find something with a better return.

And obviously this isn’t a hard line definitively splitting all humans into two disparate groups, but there is a continuum that people find themselves on.

If you’re a person who likes change, is this a good description of your approach?