The Wall
I expect President Trump will make headway with this. I’m guessing that at some point, Mexico will pitch in $100 in some indirect way and Trump will say mission accomplished.

Illegal immigrants
I expect that some will be sent home. More than with Obama.

Supreme Court Judge
I expect that he’ll pick a pro-life constitutional judge. This is my biggest hope for him.  I fear he’ll cave on this.

I expect no real change in this, except perhaps giving them slightly more in the way of rights.  I haven’t heard about him talking about this. I’m guessing this is because he’s secretly liberal on this issue. I really don’t get why LGBT advocates are so afraid of him.

I expect that Minorities will have few policy changes to complain about.
I expect that Trump will make statements that minorities will (reasonably) take issue with.
I expect that Trump will avoid making statements that black advocates will take issue with.
I don’t get why minority advocates are afraid of him.

I expect that Women Advocates will have few policy changes to complain about.
I think it likely that Trump will avoid making statements that women’s advocates would take issue with.
But more bad history may crop up.
I understand why women’s advocates are afraid of him.

I expect no change for those already here. I expect fewer Muslims will be allowed into our country.
I understand why Muslim advocates are afraid of him. I don’t expect registration to happen. This is contrary to what he said in the campaign.

I expect the economy to do well. Partially because it seems to be heading that way. Partially because of real changes he’ll make. Partially because of the impression that he’s good for business.

I expect no legal moves against Hillary. This is definitely contrary to his statements.

Conflict of Interest
I expect the Trump’s Sons Running Trump’s Business will be a non-issue.

I expect Trump will continuing to tweet. There will still be crazy tweets but they will be fewer. His tweets are effective for him and will continue to be so.

Tough one. I think it will be repealed and replaced with something very similar but different and not provably better. This is going to be a mess.

In Four Years
I’m guessing that Trump will be seen as a fairly successful and effective statesman. I’m guessing liberals will hate him, partially because of his success. He’s going to continue offending people but less so. I’m guessing he will run again, but a major controversy might prevent this. If he runs again, I’m thinking he will win.

Are there other issues I haven’t dealt with?
What do you disagree with?