Here is the complete (I think) list of Biblical Surveys (everything I could find in the Bible of a certain kind) in my blogs:

The Full Intricate Chiasm In the Book Of Romans.

All of the commands for mothers and fathers in the Bible.

All of the first instances of these 61 key words in the Bible.

All of the places where God invites people to “Come to me”

All of the reasons in the Bible why we should praise God (okay, several of them)

All of the multiples of eleven in the bible

All of the Vice Lists in the New Testament

All of the references to Old Testament Stories in the New Testament

All of the husbands and wives in the New Testament. (Surprisingly, there are only nine). (and the chart that goes with the list).

All of the motivations to obey Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount

All of places where God/Satan is the suffering causer in Job