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May God bless President Biden –with an effective four years resulting in a more godly America and all the way to heaven.

This image, with the knowledge that it came from the rally the proceeded the Capitol riots, is evocative, provocative and triggering.

Here are some wrong (sinful or foolish) thoughts that a person might have as they look at this photo:

Disclaimer 1: I might have thought some of these.
Disclaimer 2: It’s possible that some of these have been thought by no one. But I doubt it.
Disclaimer 3: I’m not only suggesting they are wrong, I’m further suggesting that almost all Americans would agree that these are wrong. Or at least possibly wrong.
Disclaimer 4: It’s a dangerous thing to be this condemnatory; as such I’d be interested to know if you think any of these are correct or wise.

  • Aha! This is evidence that Jesus is on the side of Trump supporters.
  • Aha! This is evidence that all Trump supports subvert/pervert the true message of Christ.
  • The people that put up that sign are definitely idiots/evil.
  • The people that put up that sign are definitely strong Christians.
  • The people that put up that sign were definitely aware of/ in agreement with the rioting that happened in the capitol.
  • Great! I can describe this image in a way that makes it look like all Christians are rioters.
  • The people that put up the sign were definitely thinking “Jesus Saves with Trump as president.”
  • No one at the rally saw that sign and thought “Yes, Jesus Saves with Trump as president.”
  • Great! I don’t like Trump supporters and I can use a pretext of care about truth, or racism, or Jesus to make Trump look bad. Yet again!
  • It’s a ‘Jesus Saves’ sign! What could possibly be seen as dangerous/wrong-minded about that?
  • If there’s a chance that a person might take a sign wrong, we should definitely not put it up.

And here are some correct/wise responses – which I hope all Christians would agree with:

  • The people that put up that sign might be well-intentioned and might have done some good.
  • People at rallies really should be careful with Christian imagery they post.
  • There is such a thing as feigning offense.
  • There is such a thing as feigning fear that others will see the wrong message.
  • There might be people who looked at that sign (at a gathering literally called the “Save America” rally) and be reminded that Jesus transcends politics and presidents in His ability to preserve and defend America.
  • Yes, Jesus does save.

With all the statement about judging (from Jesus, James, Peter, Paul) in the Bible, I think we should always tend towards grace and trust in God. But it’s sometimes very difficult to do that.

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