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(Timing this post just as interest in this odd and controversial slogan is waning – so maybe you should consider it a debriefing)

  1. The F-word is one of the harshest in the English language.
  2. I’m not going to say that a Christian should never use the F-word, but Christian, never use the F-word.
  3. A good Christian honors his or her leaders.
  4. Specifically, a president should be respected.
  5. So it is wrong-minded to say F Joe Biden (henceforth ‘FJB’). This is not what a Christian should want.
  6. It is more wrong-minded to chant it.
  7. Nevertheless, President Biden has done many things that most conservatives think are wrong-minded, foolish and/or unpresidential.
  8. And the main-stream media generally overlooks or laud these things.
  9. So it’s might be a little comforting for a conservative to hear that there are crowds that really disagree with President Biden’s presidency, enough to chant against him.
  10. It’s at least a little funny, at least for a conservative, that the reporter said on camera that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” (henceforth ‘LGB’), when it’s clear they weren’t.
  11. It is possible, perhaps even likely, that the reporter actually thought she heard them say this, so it might have been an honest mistake.
  12. But It really fits into the fake news narrative that she knew what they were saying, but claimed it was LGB.
  13. There are people who believe that saying LGB is the same as saying FJB.
  14. For this reason, I would advise a Christian to not say LGB in any public forum.
  15. There are people, perhaps most of the people who say it, who say LBG but don’t mean FJB.
  16. They may just like highlighting the fact that some reporters are clueless, or deceitful.

                Or the fact that some reporters push a false narrative.

                Or the fact that there is a high Anti-Biden contingent in the US.

17. For this reason, I would advise a Christian to not judge those who say LGB too harshly.

The message, as it so often is, is ‘Be careful what you say and how you judge.’

Oh, and perhaps: 18. That wasn’t a church meeting. Please calm down. Handwringing isn’t necessary.

To any reader, I’d be interested to know which of these 17 statements you find the most offensive.

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