I (Jamsco) created this blog to get things written down and shown to others.

While I have several things on my mind, since the chief end of me is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (and I’m in good company here, this is also God’s Chief End) I have it as a larger goal to espouse truths about him. And luckily for me, all truths about God are God-glorifying.

Having done this blog for two years, I feel like I haven’t done this enough. We’ll see.

And in case you’re wondering, aproximately zero people have suggested that I start a blog.  Or negative one, if you count my wife.

A Summary of me:
I am a Baptist, Father of Seven (ages 11 and under – we have adopted two) who lives in Minnesota with a beautiful wife. Professionally I am a database programmer. My hobbies are song-writing and (of course) blogging.

Thank you for reading.

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