As I post my 1000th post on the Responsible Puppet, I thought I’d present the list of posts (from all three blogs) that have more than 1000 hits. There are 35 (RP = Responsible Puppet, RF = Responsible Father and  FVS = Fighter Verse Songs)

Here it is.

Blog Post Count
RF 5 Signs Your Child Is Not Saved 12,488
RP Two Funny Things 7,430
RP 6 Kinds Of Bad Judging 6,153
RP John Piper Good Quotes: Part 4 4,752
RP John Piper Good Quotes: Part 3 4,733
RP Comments to Pastors and Christians and Louis C.K. 4,611
RF Seven Messages In The Meals 4,376
RP John Piper Good Quotes: Part 6 4,376
RP Friday Everything: Piper Quotes 2 4,344
RP John Piper Good Quotes: Part 5 4,298
RP Good Quotes from Pastor Meyer 3,786
RP John Piper Good Quotes: Part 7 (The Last) 3,322
RP Getting To Church On Time 3,294
RP Pastor Piper’s Witticisms 3,156
RP Prayer is Ridiculous 2,782
FVS Come To Me 2,711
FVS The New Testament’s Favorite Old Testament Stories 2,597
RP Minnesota State Park Recommendations 2,303
RP Maple Syrup Caramel Popcorn Recipe 2,272
RP Jonah And Which God? 2,143
FVS Where We Can’t Follow Jesus 2,091
RP Piper On Fun 2,009
RP 13 Rules From A Father To 6 Kids 1,892
RF Vox Day And Me – Part 2 1,824
RP Bethlehem
RF Free Bible Verse Song CD Giveaway 1,568
RP Vox
FVS How To Teach Young Kids A New Song 1,368
RP Favorite Christian Author – SCL Poll Results 1,275
RP 13 Rules from a Father to his 6 Kids 1,241
FVS Introducing The Sermon On The Mount Song CD 1,240
FVS Why Should I Obey Jesus? 1,199
RP Dawn Treader – Review Excerpts – The Religion Parts 1,174
RF An Average Family’s Gas Prices 1,144
RP Vox Day and Me, Part 1 – The Elementary Years 1,105