1. I think Vox is wrong about race. I think this issue is where I most disagree with him (and I disagree with him on many issues).

2. Vox mocks anyone who calls him a racist. I believe that this is because he has a different definition of ‘racist’ than most people. I think most people have this as part of their definition of Racist: Someone who treats another race poorly. Vox fits this definition.

3. It is my opinion that Vox shows darkness in that he seems to relish every opportunity to point out that black people are behaving badly. Just to take a ridiculous example – If I continually search new sources for every place that a person named Terry does something bad (foolish, illegal, wrong) and then post these items for the world to see, people are going to say “Wow, you really don’t like people named Terry.”

4. Not every true statement is something that should be said. Saying, “But it’s true!” is not a good defense when someone tells you shouldn’t have said something. Great wrongful harm can be done by true statements.

5. Like other noted opinionist before him, Vox likes to make controversial statements so that (1) People will get upset and yell and rant, allowing Vox to (2) calmly qualify and defend his words so that (3) on-the-fence readers will think him really wise, and (4) on-the-fence readers will think his haters are crazy and over-reactive. Like I say, he is not the first person to do this, nor is this the first issue he’s done this with, but . . .

6. On this issue, I think his political bias has clouded his judgement on what people will accept. He has stated that he is pro-segregation. So people (correctly) get upset. Way down in the comments he clarifies that really he means he is against ‘Forced desegregation’ and “government funded incentives”. He would be wise to make this clarification upfront.

7. For the record, I am against his Overt statement and his clarification. Make no mistake, ‘Segregation’ is a hateful word and Vox should run from it, not embrace it.

8. My guess is that Vox thinks (and would state) he is dwelling on these issues for Libertarian reasons. I’m afraid he is wrong here. There are darker motivations afoot.

9. He has stated that he has black friends who he respects. I’d like him to ask them what they think about what he writes about their race.

10. The best thing I’ve seen Vox say about Race is that Christianity (and I assume Christ) “expects Christians to surmount racial differences within the Church.” This is excellent. But (1) it is not enough, and (2) Unfortunately, most of his words about Race serve to work against this Christian expectation.

11. I ask Vox to step back and look at what the consequences of his words might be. I suggest he pray for wisdom.


Vox 11 (Original): Game

This List Is Lighter

It has been suggested Vox writes so many Game and Anti-feminist posts because he is a complete misogynist. No, no. How could you assume that, when there are so many other potential causes for his focus in this area?

Top Eleven Possible Reasons Why Vox Day Likes Talking About Game

1. Maybe after the rigor and math and Statistics and consistency and evidence required with his posts about the economy, debt, football and atheism – it’s nice to kick back* and not worry about that stuff.

2. It’s fun to be a role model. Every Game post makes him a hero for every guy who’s ever been hurt or turned down by a woman . . or made to look like an idiot by one.

3. Let’s face it. It’s a great way to stick it to the Woman, if that’s your thing.

4. Game comes in with a built-in instant defense. Does someone disagree with you? Call them a white knight, a snowflake or a Gamma***. Argument over!

5. Everyone wants to think they’ve chosen wisely when they got married. Perhaps Game helps him believe he’s got pretty much the only decent lady** out there. Or as he describes it, “A diamond among lumps of coal”.

6. You may not know this, but (assuming you’re a guy) every time you’ve ever shown any positive trait, it was a result of your (knowingly or unknowingly) using Game. Did you show assertiveness? It was because of Game! Did you get a girl to say yes? It was because of Game! Have you ever gone out and done something productive? Why, you’re just doing Game!

7. Whose life wouldn’t be enriched by reading one more two-page story in the comments about how some guy’s brother’s life was completely wrecked by his wife/fiancé/ex-wife/female associate?

8. As a faithful husband, Vox can no longer do the pick-up-girls-at-the-bar scene. Every post about the successful alpha or sigma totally hooking the pretty girl allows him to relive those glory days.

9. (Tie) Maybe he feels his Wikipedia entry is too tame, and wants them to reinstate the ‘Controversy’ section / Maybe he wants to make sure he stays in the ‘At Your Own Risk’ section at Jamsco’s blog.

10. Perhaps Vox isn’t ‘completely’ misogynistic, just partially/slightly.

11. While the rules and guidelines recommended by the Game approach are directly useful to only six or seven percent of the general population, the ideas can be generalized and expanded to be helpful to nearly 18 percent of us!

If Vox ever gets around to writing the book, and wants to use this as his prologue/introduction, I hereby grant him permission.


* How else could he feel the freedom to make statements like this one: “Women don’t have dreams the way that men have goals and objectives, they tend to be more akin to daydreams or romantic fantasies.”

** which I’m on record as saying she is. Decent, I mean.

*** It was recently implied**** that I was two of these (obviously everything I had said to that point was ridiculous and wrong-minded), but I haven’t been called a snowflake yet. I suspect this is due to my unique commenting approach and clever writing style.

**** Yes, by Nate. Again.