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As we’ve progressed through the challenges brought to us by Covid 19, I’ve noticed a pattern. Perhaps you’ve seen it too: predictions that many things will no longer exist in our American (and to some degree global) culture even after this pandemic is gone.

I was curious as to how widespread this phenomenon is, so I did some research (read: Google searches) and learned that , as it turns out, many aspects of our culture are going the way of the Dodo and leaving our shared experience forever. Many wide and varied, and sometimes surprising things.

Would you like to see the list and the articles to back each vanishing item on it? I’ve broken it down into five groupings. I hope you find this helpful.

Just so you don’t find this too depressing, I’m ending it with a more cheerful grouping of items.

I think you’ll notice that in many cases the authors aren’t completely certain that these things are going away. But since the experts have done so well in predicting how things would go in these past four months, I think you can take all this to the bank.

The General List

What Might Be Gone Documentation
Globalization The Post-Coronavirus World May Be The End Of Globalization
The Communion Cup Will the Coronavirus Be the End of the Communion Cup?
The Middle Class The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Be The End Of The Middle Class
The Salad Bar Could COVID-19 be the end of the salad bar?
Auctions Will COVID-19 be the end of the auctioneer’s chant
The High Five Has the coronavirus ruined the high-five?
College The End of College as We Knew It?
The Grass Roots Football Game Football and coronavirus: ‘This could be the end of the grassroots game’
Overtourism Could Covid-19 be the end of overtourism?
Alt-Weeklies Coronavirus Could Be the End of Alt-Weeklies
Seal Slaughter This Could Be the End of Canada’s Bloody Seal Slaughter
Retail Fitting Rooms Coronavirus could be the end of retail fitting rooms
Paper Money Will coronavirus be the end of paper money?
Trump Two Reasons Coronavirus Will Be The End Of Trump
Bullfighting The Final Olé – why COVID-19 could be the end of bullfighting in Spain
Shopping Malls Will coronavirus be the end of the shopping mall as we know it?
Free Delivery Coronavirus will be the end of free delivery, research shows
Luxury Retail Will COVID-19 Be the End of Luxury Retail?
Buffets Will the Coronavirus be the End of Buffets in the Hudson Valley?
Handshakes ‘I Don’t Think We Should Ever Shake Hands Again.’ Dr. Fauci Says
The Global Citizen Will Covid-19 be the end of the global citizen?
International Travel Coronavirus might be the end of international travel as we know it
Neoliberal Era Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era
Your Favorite Arcade The Pandemic Could Be the End of Your Favorite Arcade.
Bon Jovi’s Tour Bon Jovi: ‘This could be the end of touring’ due to COVID-19
Democratic Capitalism Will the Coronavirus Crisis Be the End of Democratic Capitalism?
The Fashion Mag Will COVID-19 Be The End Of The Fashion Mag?
Your Marriage Why Covid-19 May Be the End of Your Marriage
The Restaurant Industry This should be the end of the restaurant industry as we know it

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