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If what used to be a good sign is now a bad sign, this is a good sign.

There are two kinds of people who make me nervous when they say “I don’t believe in luck”:

(1) Those who have been very successful – because I fear that they think they should get all the credit, and

(2) Those who have experienced significant hardship or tragedy – because I fear they think it’s all their fault.

Sometimes the hardest part of doing a task is the making the decision to do it.

Don’t say, “It can’t be A, it’s B!” when it might be both.

Is this song a little cheesy? It is!

There is a difference between the statement “I’m glad you did that” and “I respect you more because you did that.”

Sometimes it’s very pleasurable to go from Bad to Normal

One of the biggest lies that Satan says to you when he is tempting you to do a sin is this: “You have the right.”

Every decision you make is made at least partially out of fear.

All sameness comes with a cost.

All change comes with a cost.

It’s my fear that many chiastic structures found by readers/media viewers weren’t intended by the authors/media creators.

If your negative thoughts about a person involves making assumptions about their mindset by reading their minds, you’re probably sinfully judging.

One factor you should use in choosing a home is: Is it close to my church?

The question I want answered: What’s the real reason?

For nearly every piece of wise advice, there is at least a small subset of people whom it would be unwise to give this advice to. This is true even with Biblical advice.

Given all the warnings there are in the Bible, it is not unwise to make decisions out of fear.

One of the most important truths of the Gospel is a negative: You can’t obtain salvation by your obedience.

There is good health food and good junk food and never the twain shall meet.

Some people say, “I found something I like at this restaurant, why would I ever have anything else?”. Others say, “I found something I like at this restaurant, why would I ever have it again?”

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