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This doesn’t require much explanation, but I’m afraid I’m guilty of several of these.

11 Bad Reasons For Not Liking Something:

1. It’s too subversive.
2. It didn’t come from me.
3. It isn’t what I expected.
4. People I dislike like it.
5. It isn’t rebellious enough.
6. It’s not the best of its kind.
7. Too few people already like it.
8. Too many people already like it.
9. It reminds me of what I can’t do.
10. It’s goodness makes me feel guilty.
11. It reminds me of something I once did.

Did I miss any?

Reasonable Religious Discourse Guideline #11:

Don’t say ‘You’re being legalistic’, unless they have stated that what they have prescribed is a requirement for salvation.

Rather, say, ‘I disagree with your priorities.’


We’ve all been in the position where we find ourselves in a conversation (at work, church or at home), thinking “He keeps saying that. I wonder why.”

The answer may lie within this list.

11 Possible Messages Given By The Person Who Repeats Him/Herself

1. I want to sound like I have content, but have nothing else to add.
2. I’m proud of this truth.
3. This is the most important point I have.
4. I don’t think I’m getting through.
5. I just like saying these words.
6. This truth is the only evidence I have to what I’m trying to say.
7. I’ve honestly forgotten that I’ve already mentioned this to you four times.
8. There have been times when I thought you understood, but you didn’t. I’m trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
9. I’m hoping this time it will sound like I’m saying it a different way.
10. I don’t feel like being creative in this conversation right now.
11. I’m waiting for you to respond in a certain way, but you haven’t done it yet.

It may behoove you to figure out which of the eleven is the cause behind the repetition.

Have I missed any?

I feel like I haven’t had a hard life, nor have I done really hard things.

People* who have done these things have done harder things than I have ever done:

  1. Giving Birth
  2. Quitting smoking
  3. Getting a doctorate
  4. Being a missionary
  5. Jogging a Marathon
  6. Starting up a new business
  7. Giving up a baby for adoption
  8. Committing Walking-up-to-a-stranger Evangelism
  9. Trying to get back into normal life after losing a child
  10. Moving to a place where a different language is spoken
  11. Breaking off a relationship with someone you love because you think it is not God’s will

I feel respect for these people.

What hard things could you add to this list?

* I mean they’ve chosen to do them. My First Dad died when I was 10. That was hard, but I didn’t choose to go through it. I am talking here about people who have decided to do these hard things.

1. Put a third (or a half?) of your content in the title.

2. Hyphens, contractions and de-contracted contractions.

3. If your resulting post is slightly cryptic, don’t matter nothing: Wait for someone to comment and then explain yourself in your response to it.

4. Put up disclaimers.

5. Make a list of that number of things.

6. Link to other posts. Let the reader get most of the content there.

7. Go with Recipes.

8. Always keep an eye out for good midsize quotes that you can use as a post.

9. Ask for help from others.

10. Can you mine emails that have been sent to you?

11. One word: Poetry.

The Return Of The Great Depression

1. It includes a simply told, but not simplistic account of the last 25 years in global economic history.

2. If you know nothing about economics (which I didn’t), the Glossary alone is worth the price of the book.

4. If you do not know nothing about economics, this book has a good primer on Austrian Economic Theory – which you may have never heard of, but probably should acquaint yourself with.

3. Are you thinking that nothing can stop our economic prospects from getting better? This book is a study on why you may be wrong.

5. If you ever found yourself wishing to read an epic poem that was an apocalyptic parable about the modern economic situation, this book is the place.

6. Absolutely no nearly-unclad women on the cover, unlike other books I could mention.

7. Also, no plugs for Open Theism. (Or maybe I missed them?)

8. The Author was wisely willing to consider that his thesis (We are only in the beginning of a new Great Depression) is wrong and posted several potential statistics that would be evidence of his error.

9. For one Brief and Shining Moment it was the Number 1 ‘Mover and Shaker” over at Amazon.

10. Can you find the Bill Murray Reference?

11. You want to have the complete Vox Day / Theo Beale Collection, don’t you? Quick Trivia Question: Which book could Jamsco not find in time to include in this photo?

The Jamison’s spent the week in Arkansas. Here’s what I learned:

1. Kids can be so interested in seeing their cousins that they don’t want to stop and eat meals.

2. Kids who have been in recording sessions several times (over 3 years) get the hang of it and make quick work of a long complex song – especially if you have a talented sound guy.

3. 15 people can sit in a small trailer pulled by a tractor and really enjoy it.

4. Petit Jean State Park (Arkansas – just west of Little Rock) is the nicest state park I’ve been to (south of Minnesota).

5. It’s nice to be a 4 year old girl’s favorite uncle, even if it’s only for a week.

6. 2 boys (aged 9) can almost single handedly make pancakes for two large families.

7. Two large families can in one day polish off a 9 cup-of-flour recipe of pancakes and 6 Pizza Hut pizzas.

8. Kids can get sick of fast food.

9. A 6 year old boy can go from being afraid to jump into the pool to not wanting to stop jumping into the pool in about 3 minutes.

10. It is possible for a family of 9 to sleep in a hotel suite for 9 hours straight, especially after several late nights, 8 hours of travel and swimming.

11. One of the covered “Bridges of Madison County” is only about ¾ miles from Interstate 35. It’s cool to walk through.

I would have said “Our family is blessed by God in many many ways”, but I already knew that.

Item Counts In The Bible – Multiples Of Eleven

(Complete Lists)


Stars bowing to Joseph in his dream Genesis 37:9
Curtains in the temple Exodus 36:14
Bulls sacrificed in the temple in the Feast of Booths Numbers 29:20
Days’ journey from Horeb by way of Mount Seir to Kadesh-barnea. Deuteronomy 1:2
Cities in Judah’s Hill Country Joshua 15:51
Years Jehoiakim Reigned in Judah 2 Kings 24:18
Years Zedekiah reined in Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 36:11
The Hour the last workers were hired by the Master of the House  Matt 20:6
Disciples given the Great Commission Mark 16:14


Cities in the inheritance of Asher Joshua 19:30
Years Jair the Gileadite judged Israel Judges 10:3
Years Jeroboam reigned in Israel 1 Kings 14:20
Years Omri reigned over Israel 1 Kings 16:29
Age of Ahaziah when he began to reign in Judah 2 Kings 8:26
Age of Amon when he began to reign in Judah 2 Kings 21:19
Commanders from Zadok’s father’s house – they fought for David 1 Chron 12:28
Sons of Abijah 2 Chronicles 13:21
Stanzas in Psalm 119


Sons and Daughters of Jacob Genesis 46:15
Days of Purification after giving birth to a Boy Leviticus 12:4
Years David ruled all Israel in Jerusalem 2 Samuel 5:5




Years Manasseh reigned in Judah 2 Kings 21:1


Jacobs Descendants who went into Egypt Genesis 46:26
Days of Purification after giving birth to a Girl  Leviticus 12:5.


Strength of Lamech’s revenge Genesis 4:24
Officials and elders of Succoth, written down by Gideon Judges 8:14
Lambs offered to God in the burnt offering Ezra 8:35
Times you should forgive your brother Matthew 18:22




Abram’s age at the Covenant of Circumcision Genesis 17:1
Sheep left by the good shepherd to find the lost one Matthew 18:12
Number of righteous persons who need no repentance who cause less joy in Heaven than one sinner who repents! Matthew 18:13

In case you’re curious, here is a list of other posts on my blogs which show a whole category of items from the Bible.

1. My beloved wife can bike 11 miles on the hilly Superior Gitchi Gami Trail to no ill effect.

2. If you’re choosing between biking from Gooseberry to Split Rock State park or the other way around choose Gooseberry to Split Rock. You’ll get more downhill time.

3. Even after multiple times of being in a favorite state park, you can still find excellent areas that are easy to get to.

4. Banning State park on the way up to Duluth is right off the highway and it is one of the better state parks. We recommend it.

5. It’s great to be leaving a vacation spot on Labor Day Friday as everyone is arriving.

6. My wife and I don’t get sick of talking to each other.

7. A pleasant thing to do on an anniversary trip is to read your journal entry from the days just before, on and after your wedding day.

8. So it’s good I wrote it all down 15 years ago.

9. You can miss your kids and be glad that you don’t have them with you at the same time.

10. I never get sick of being near Lake Superior. I find myself feeling bad for those people who don’t live near enough to it to reasonably vacation there. Okay, assuming they don’t live near an ocean.

11. The Wild Rice Porridge at the Vanilla Bean Café in Two Harbors is awesome. Try it.

* You might be wondering why I don’t say something like “I have a wonderful wife” or “God has greatly blessed me.” Yeah, like I didn’t know that before.

– If you’re lighting a flair for the lake association’s traditional lake-wide flair lighting event, light it away from your sandled foot or you might get burning wax on your foot that will stick and cause a unique looking burn spot that hurts when you wear shoes.

– One time that it’s not great to have a lot of kids is when you’re packing for a long weekend.

– One time that it’s great to have a lot of kids is when they have great fun by themselves while swimming.

– You will continue to feel guilty every time you don’t swim with your kids.

– Finding the official geocache hidden at Wild River State Park takes about 1 ¼ hours and is about  1 ½ mile hike.

– There is more joy doing things with your kids if they are able to take leadership roles.

– Judging by the extremely impressive fireworks all the way around the lake, the economic downturn has not hit cabin owners in the Grantsburg, WI area.

– Even though they are only one fiftieth as cool as the other fireworks (which almost certainly cost hundreds of dollars, it’s still cool to light off your own $2.50 set of roman candles.

– Other pastors have good sermons based on the book of John.

– There is an interesting link between the Declaration of Independence and Declaration of Righteousness on the saved soul. See George Washington’s letter written July 3, 1776.

– Finding the official geocache at Interstate State Park takes about ten minutes and you don’t need a GPS if you talk to the right person there.

. . . a review, sort of.

In June of 2005, well before I had a blog, I wrote, and Vox posted the “Three reasons why Vox should see Star Wars Episode 3.” 

Now I have this to say (warning – some of the links have spoilers):

11 Reasons Why Vox Should Go See Star Trek 11*

1. His reason for not liking Star Trek – Next Generation is, well let’s face it, it’s lame. Something like “I watched one episode of it and it was a ton like this other science fiction book I read once, so I said “No way!” and I never watched any other Star Trek again.”

Isn’t that like reading one chapter of, say, a book against Atheism and critiquing it on only that?

As for his given reason for not liking Trek as a whole (the “smug incoherence of a saga about a warship charged with peacefully enforcing the supremacy of its “tolerant” culture at laser point”) Well, I can only assume he got that from other people. Vox, can you ask them to show us an episode where this actually happens?  

In any case, I thought Vox didn’t care about the background message in fiction?

I suspect Vox “doesn’t fully understand that a writer’s basic objective in writing a television show seldom involves the idea of presenting an argument to the viewer”

2. The Friday Challenger liked it.

3. And Roger Ebert didn’t. (Its kind of interesting to spot all of the misconceptions that he has about a movie that he watched with his own eyes.)

4. It’s a lot like Star Wars Ep 4, which Vox liked.

5. Absolutely no Keynesian Economics espoused.

6. Lots of punching.

7. Since this one restarts the canon (and there is a possibility that much that happened in the old timeline won’t from now on) maybe now would be a good time to start paying attention.

8. Popular Mechanics says the physics are half way decent.

9. Vox admits liking TOS as a kid. My wife, too. (Me, not so much).

She was greatly entertained, while watching this movie, at seeing how the new actors were successful at taking the mannerisms of the original actors. It’s really rather clever in showing how the characters meet and become friends.

10. Speaking of which, knowing that Vox liked the LOTR movies, I should point out that this one has Eomer.   I enjoyed every scene with Bones in it.

11. I’m like Vox in that I don’t see many movies in the theatre. Babysitting costs us $40+. Still, I’m tempted to see this one in the theatre again. It is an excellent movie. Good action, good humor. Men making sacrifices are honored. I recommend it.


Back in ’05, Vox found my documentation ‘compelling’ and himself ‘wavering’, but nevertheless (as far as I know) never saw Ep 3. Perhaps this time I’ll be more successful.

What say you, Vox?

* One of the things I promised Vox when I first started this blog is that I would stand up for Star Trek. It’s high time I lived up to it.

(Idea from Abraham)

1. Killer bees are becoming more able to withstand cold – they’re moving north and they will be in Minnesota by 1977.

2. “Doy” is French for “I know”

3. I am as good at sports as anyone.

4. People stop sinning when they become adults.

5. And like has my pastor ever sinned?

6. Christ is born every December and dies every spring.

7. With the right combination of feathers, an umbrella and balloons, a person could fly.

8. It’s a wise thing to try to get your friend to understand that there is no real Santa.

9. A plane carrying you to Japan from Minnesota would fly east.

10. It’s not right that my younger brother’s name comes before mine in the alphabet. Just barely!

11. If everything were considered correctly and justly, I would be judged the best human being on earth.

21 Reasons my grieving period after my Dad’s death (one year ago today) was not very long, or (more accurately) reasons I’m not troubled by this.

1. My grief was not ambiguous. It was not confusing.

2. He was not really healthy and was experiencing more and more pain.

3. He had a great funeral which honored both him and God.

4. He had great last words.

5. He lived 22 years past his quadruple bypass surgery.

6. I had him as a dad for 28 years.

7. His death was peaceful.

8. I was able to spend a lot of time with him before he died.

9. There was so much support from people from 3 churches.

10. My mom was ready to let him go.

11. It is not ridiculous for a man who is 78 to die. Especially if he has very poor circulation, has diabetes, and significant heart problems.

12. He was saved by God.

13. Given some of his end-of-life documentation, I feel confident that we made wise decisions.

14. Most people have to experience the death of their parents.

15. My Dad was a gift from God – a bonus Dad after my first Dad died.

16. I had already had an opportunity to tell him how much good he had done for me.

17. If he had lived he would have had a very long recovery and probably would never have gotten out of bed again.

18. Psalm 34

19. My mom is handling life pretty well without him.

20. God is sovereign over life and death

21. I’ll see my Dad again.


11 Reasons I still miss him

1. I don’t really know how to clean a fish, he cleaned hundreds in his life.

2. My kids still miss him.

3. I’d like to talk to him.

4. He loved giving my kids hugs.

5. He laughed at things I said when I was trying to be funny.

6. There was still much he could teach me.

7. He always got the boat figured out at the cabin every summer.

8. He was a safety net for my Mom.

9. When I see pictures of him, I see a man who I liked and who liked me and my wife and my kids.

10. 28 years was not enough.

11. I feel nervous as I look forward to the rest of my life, that I won’t be able to get advice from him.

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