12 Questions One Might Ask Themselves When They Are Thinking About Buying Something 

(In our consumer culture, we all have plenty of motivations to buy stuff. Here are some checks which have the goal of motivating to decide to not buy it.) 

  1. If it is top of the line, can you get something with 90% of the value at one third the price?
  2. If you make this purchase, will it alienate your friends who don’t have as many resources as you?
  3. If you put off this purchase for a month (or two months, or half a year) will it hurt?
  4. Will this purchase enable you to better glorify God?
  5. It is decent for you to want yourself (or your home or your car) to look reasonably put together, but are you making this purchase to help you look stylish, or ahead of the curve?
  6. If it is replacing something, is the something still functional?
  7. If it is new, could you buy it used?
  8. How much long term joy will this give you?
  9. How much long term utility will this give you?
  10.  Is this purchase likely to bring you into temptation to sin?
  11. If you don’t buy it, do you think it likely that you will regret it?
  12. If you do buy it, do you think it likely that you will regret it?

And now I hear the slightly miffed rejoinder coming back to me –

 Alright, Jamsco. What, now you are a financial adviser? I can buy the idea that you have six kids and thus might have something interesting to say about parenting, but what makes you the expert on spending? 

To this I don’t really have a response, except to say that like so many other things I post, I just want to get it out of my head. You may disregard at will.