Devil’s Tower Picnic Advice 

 If you are looking for spot for a picnic at Devil’s Tower.

 (Let’s say you’ve already made the 1.3 mile hike around the National Monument
  After driving in from the Black Hills
 And the kids are hungry
 And you’d like to sit
 And perhaps you want a spot that is somewhat secluded
  i.e. Not on the picnic grounds
 And you don’t want to have to walk far from your car
  Because, like I said, the kids are hungry)

Well, then, here is my advice to you:

Do you see the Log Cabin Information Center in front of you?

Turn fully around and you’ll see
 Just beyond the parking lot.
Tall grasses and short trees on a level above the cars
 Away from the trails.

Perhaps twenty feet into this dry meadow you will find a suitable flat area
  (Sit in the shade of a tree if it’s warm)
Where a blanket will cover the tall grasses
  Which will make for a soft seat
 Where you have a solitary view
 of the tall vertical Wyoming natural oddity, and
  Where, when sitting, you will see no sign or mark of Humanity
. . .
Okay, that’s how I remember it, anyway